Alternatives to Breast Enhancement

Alternative Breast Enhancement Options

by Roxanne Manning

For women searching for breast enhancement solutions, there are generally about three options. The most popular breast enhancement options include: 1. Plastic Surgery 2. Breast Enhancement Pills and 3. Padded Under Garmets. Each of these breast enhancement options have strengths and weakenesses. Following is brief overview of the top three breast enhancement options.

1. Plastic Surgery/Breast Augmentation: Breast Augmentation involves surgically placing implants, mostly silicone, behind each breast in order to increase volume and improve shape. Breast Augmentation can be performed at any age after the breasts are developed. Breast augmentation is the fastest way to achieve breast enhancement, however, nearly 64% of women regret having breast augmentation surgery. Common complaints include burning, heaviness, scarring, unnatural feel, leaking, pain. The high cost also is prohibitive.

2. Breast Enhancement Pills: Breast Enahancement Pills are a tricky bunch. Many companies are just plain selling crap, that simply doesn't work. The most common complaints include weight gain with no actual increase in bust size. Breast enhancement pills can work, but studies show in concert with other methods.

3. Padded Undergarmets/Filler Cups: The old standbys. Padded bras and filler cups are good for an instant fix and gererally works great under clothing. You can also put them on and take them off at your will. The problems are that you do have to take them off , you can't wear them in a bathing suit and you don't get the permanent change that you really want.

There is however a third and very effective option. Studies have shown that breast massage coupled with the proper herbal supplement can increase breast size without the negative side effects.

Breast enhancement is a very personal choice. It is also a very universal desire of millions of women. Nearly all women want the nice, firm breast of their youth. There are very few options that will provide that. Cost and safety are two main barriers preventing many women from getting what they want. Breast enhancement options must be looked into very seriously and very carefully. However, they do exist for the determined woman.

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