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What Doctors Say about Cord Blood Banking
Cord blood and placenta-derived stem cells have great potential to expand your family's treatment options for a variety of serious and often life-threatening diseases. That's because stem cells from the placenta and cord blood may be successfully used to treat diseases by regenerating healthy blood cells in place of abnormal ones. In fact, stem cell transplants have been used to treat serious diseases in children and adults including various cancers such as acute and chronic leukemia, certain lymphomas, and many other diseases. To date, there are approximately 80 diseases for which stem cell transplants have been used to treat patients.
The Perfect Pregnancy Workout
You've got nine months to prepare for the challenge of your life. Use every minute! The Perfect Pregnancy Workout will: -improve your mood -reduce lower back pain -develop mental discipline to control labor pain -tone your lower body to handle the demands of labor and birth -make it easier to lose weight after your baby is born -strengthen your upper body to lift and hold your baby -help eliminate or avoid incontinence and hemorrhoids
Tips For Comfortable Traveling During Pregnancy
Today's women take pregnancy in stride and continue to work and enjoy everyday activities. Pregnancy doesn't mean the end of all work and play. If you prepare carefully, you can enjoy pretty much all activities throughout your pregnancy and travel for work and pleasure without experiencing any difficulties.

We have put together a few tips for you:

• Avoid stress by leaving early for the airport. To avoid rushing across terminals or parking lots, have a friend drop you to the airport. Find out whether the travel agent or airline has pick ups and drops for special passengers. Travel light and only pack what you really need. Use a bag with wheels or buy a fold-up luggage rack.

Morning Sickness - Causes and Cures
Morning sickness is often the first sign of pregnancy, as it can start as early as 2 weeks after conception. Despite the name, the sufferer can feel ill at any time of the day, although as an empty stomach is thought to be one of the triggers then mornings are a common time for it to appear.

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