Employment During Pregnancy
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pregnant while workingMany women face many choices during pregnancy. The decision to work, is not always an easy one, as many women need to work to provide for their family. Many households now require a two person income as well. Each pregnancy is different and you should consult your obstetrician to set up a plan for antepartum (prior to delivery) and postpartum (after giving birth) care. Barring complications, the following is a general guidline for working while you are pregnant.

During normal pregnancy, there are relatively few restrictions when it comes to work. You can benefit from moderate activity during pregnancy, however you should also allow for periods of rest as well. Strenuous work, such as heavy lifting, should be avoided. If needed, ask your physician for a note to allow for work duties that are less physically demanding.

Maternity leave is usually 1 month prior to delivery and 6 weeks following birth. This time frame is under normal pregnancy conditions. Times may vary depending upon complications, the type of work you do, your employer's policies, your insurance companies policies, and of course, how you, the patient feels. A cesarean section will add much more time to the recovery period, as a c-section is a major operation which requires time to heal properly.

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