PMS Remedies
Women's Health - Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
Are you one of the eighty percent of women who suffer from PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome)? If you are, you probably know that PMS has over 150 different symptoms which can be very unpleasant and cause unnecessary discomfort to the woman. PMS can start from up to 15 days before menstruation is due until it sets in, and the PMS symptoms can range from physical (like headaches, tender breasts, insomnia, nausea etc) to psychological discomforts (like depression, anxiety, confusion, rage etc). This pre menstrual condition affects mainly women aged 30-45 and its severity may increase when the woman is going through a time of hormonal changes like puberty, childbirth or after a miscarriage etc.

Thankfully, gone are the days when PMS was deemed as 'all in the mind’ and women were told to "snap out of it". PMS is now recognized as a medical condition and you (and the people around you) need not suffer from PMS anymore. Modern science has shown that PMS can be relieved and treated, through a variety of ways. These include making dietary changes that involve eating regularly, reducing junk foods, eliminating stimulants and caffeine and eating healthy balanced meals. Another suggestion is to exercise regularly (at least 1 hour of fast walking per day, if you cannot get to a gym) and to get enough sleep (6-8 hours daily). Stress can make your PMS worse, so taking time to relax and chill out may in turn help to reduce your PMS symptoms. Finally, you may consider taking food supplements or a PMS remedy that will help to treat PMS symptoms naturally. PMS remedies are highly recommended by medical professionals because they include natural herbs that will treat PMS without causing any side effects.

So next time you're going to snap at your kid, colleague or husband, remember that you do not have to be feeling like this. You can take action to actively improve your standard of living! Take care of your health, eliminate your PMS and live a happier freer life!
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